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Amazing Benefits of Applying Honey to Skin

Honey is a sweet, sticky substance that is created by bees and stored in hives. It is produced by enzyme activity and the plant matter brought in by the bees. You must have heard about the goodness of honey for your health, but is honey good for skin; is a question of many. And, the answer is YES, it is! In this blog, we are going to mention some of the benefits of honey to the skin and how you can use it.

In earlier times, when there were not many cosmetic beauty treatments, women used to apply honey for skin care. Honey is a magic potion for overall external and internal health.

Why is Honey Beneficial to Skin?

Honey is rich in anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is an excellent ingredient for skin care. It is also a good source of vitamin B, calcium, copper, zinc and iron. It is one of the best options to use honey for good skin as it contains the goodness of nature in every way.

Is Honey Good to Use as a Face Mask ?

The face skin is different from the rest of the body. It is more sensitive and thin. But honey works wonderfully on the face too. It lightens and brightens your face and also prevents acne. Honey is the best moisturizer for your face. To use honey for face mask benefits, mix it with different ingredients such as avocado, essential oils, lemon, coconut oil,egg whites, Yogurt and apply it on your face. Now, the question comes- Can I use honey for my face daily? And the answer is Yes! It is absolutely safe to apply honey to your face daily. Just make sure not to apply it for more than 20 minutes as it could cause irritation. Let’s see more benefits of honey for your skin.

Benefits of Honey to Your Skin

Honey, when mixed with natural ingredients, available in your kitchen can make an inexpensive beauty treatment. 

  1. Reduce Acne

Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, honey prevents the skin from breaking acne. It removes excess oil from the skin and prevents pores blockage. 

Usage: Apply honey evenly on the face or skin which is prone to acne. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse your face.

  1. Skin whitening

Although there is not any scientific proof of the use of honey for skin whitening but when combined with other ingredients like yogurt, honey, lemon, turmeric then it makes a perfect mix for skin whitening. One type of usage is- 

Usage: mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of besan and apply all over on your skin. Rinse after 20 min.

  1. Best Moisturizer

The sugar present in the honey acts as a natural humectant, which draws moisture from the air into the skin. It leaves skin supple, soft and reduces dryness.

Usage: Apply honey directly on the skin and leave for 20 minutes and rinse well.

  1. Prevent Skin Ageing

As a good moisturizer, honey plumps the top layer of skin and helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It nourishes the skin making it look younger and radiant. 

Usage: Take an equal amount of milk, papaya and honey for a face mask. Mix well and make a paste. Apply on the face and neck. Leave it for 2 min and rinse off.

  1. Skin Lightening

As a good source of antioxidants, the use of honey for skin lightening is very popular. It elicits a scar healing process and nourishes the skin, hence giving you lighter and brighter skin. 

Usage: Massage raw honey directly on the skin for about 10 mins then leave it in for another 10 mins. Rinse off well. 
The benefits of honey to your skin are many and you can easily make use of it in the comfort of your home. Just mix some kitchen available ingredients to it and your beauty routine is ready. Make sure to use the best honey for skin care because quality is everything. The Multi Flora honey for skincare is the best choice.

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