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Beauty Honey: Your skin and hair’s new BFF

Honey, also known as liquid gold, is as ancient as it can be. Not in terms of the product, but its usage has a history even older than world history. And it has always received its due credit and has even been called the food for the gods. It is one item that has been in the spotlight since forever, especially when it comes to skin and beauty. With its anti-inflammatory features along with brightening and moisturising properties, honey is beauty’s best friend.

Bee Cause is going a step further and is making honey not only your skin’s best pal, but your hair’s favourite buddy too. Their new product, Beauty Honey, is a superfood for your hair as well as your skin. It’s enriched with nine rich ingredients like borage oil, orange peels, beetroot, evening primrose oil, pure Kashmiri saffron, hibiscus, acacia honey, and rose petals.

What do these ingredients do?

Borage oil: treats skin conditions, acts as a skin-barrier, improves hydration and promotes hair health.
Orange peel powder: heals your skin, and saffron does its magic in skin brightening and hair growth.
Beetroot powder: recommended by many doctors for its rich in iron, and Vitamin C, it prevents hair loss and fights acne.
Primrose oil: it is rich in antioxidants and helps hair renewal and promotes skin lightening.
Hibiscus powder: stimulates hair growth and is great for exfoliation. It also promotes an even tone complexion and gives a natural and healthy glow.
Acacia honey: also known as locust honey, helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and scars.
Rose powder: We all know what they do. It helps rejuvenate skin, protects against sun damage and reduces dandruff and greasiness of the hair.

All in all, Beauty Honey has the ingredients to give you 10/10 on good looks, good looks, and good looks. After all, who doesn’t want supple, hydrated, healthy, and fresh skin and hair?

Still wondering why Beauty Honey? Well, BeeCause’s Beauty Honey is a great antioxidant and has anti-ageing properties. It boosts energy levels, improves hair growth and blood circulation, and prevents skin allergies. It also protects your skin and hair from environmental stressors. The Vitamin E in this product supports skin cell regeneration and renewal for a smoother and fresh skin.

Apart from the above mentioned, Beauty Honey is 100% natural. It’s non-GMO, meaning it is made without any genetic engineering, and neither are its ingredients derived from GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It’s unadulterated, which means it is pure and extremely safe for consumption. It has no added colours or preservatives and is gluten-free and cruelty-free.

How do I consume it? Just take two tablespoons daily. The sweet and tangy taste can make you crave more, but that’s the recommended dosage, and we request that you adhere to it.

To sum it up, Beauty Honey boosts natural collagen production in the body, reduces hyperpigmentation, makes skin even toned and glowing, and makes hair shiny and strong.

It’s here to fulfil all your hair-and-skin dreams.

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